Breaking Trail

It has been frigidly cold but very little snow….until this week when we got hit with our first Nor’easter of the winter!  By afternoon the storm had slowed down – we put on our cross country skis and hit the trails.  We were the first skiers out, breaking trail through the fluffy virgin snow.

There is a lot of excitement to thinking you are the first in the woods.  The first explorer, laying new tracks. There was that breathtaking silence that is a hush in air like the trees are about to tell you a secret. It fills your ears. It is an aloneness and yet a connection to everything around you. It is how I feel every time I try something new in my fiber exploration…like I’m breaking trail and laying new tracks. And I am – for me it is virgin snow. The anticipation, excitement, trepidation, and caution that comes with starting a technique new to me, or trying an old technique a new way, are all part of the joy and the journey. It is what makes exploration fun. It is my moment of breaking trail.  What’s yours?



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