Hemmed In

Sewing is a joy…when it is not a chore!  There is one chore I’ve never ‘taken a cotton to’  and that is hemming clothes! I put it off as much as possible, I hide it, I make excuses not to do it. Why the fuss about hemming? Frankly, it scares me!  Of the things that can make or break a garment, an uneven, sloppy looking hem is at the top of the list!  Think about it: a great hem is not even noticed; but a bad hem draws the eye right to it. 20180106_123400

So, of course I put it off! But then I get to a point where I don’t have a choice….I could be wearing the garment (!); the person I’m doing a favor for is looking for their clothes (!!); or I need to clear out the distraction from my creative work space (!!!).  Get where I am going? Yep…I have been staring for months at a pile of pants from my Mom, and a skirt for me.  Not only have they become a physical distraction, they are now a mental distraction. I can’t start a new project until these are out of here!  So, I’m ‘hemmed in’.  Wish me luck.

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