Being a Snowflake

First…the hemming is done!!! Woohoo!!!  (I did have to hand stitch 3 hems because machine stitching was too visible and I couldn’t figure out how to do the blind hem stitch on the machine…right, time to move on.)

That pile of distractions are gone and NOW I get to start something new!!  I’m thinking of a couple of possibilities (“Funicular ” or “Thriving” ?)….. And right about NOW is when I always get this little twinge in the middle of my brain….these daunting doubts pop into my head:  “WHAT are you thinking…..WHY are you going to spend all this time to create another thing for the wall?…. WHERE will it go?……you should be spending time on xyz…..WHY do you bother trying????”.   It doesn’t seem to matter that the need to create things is something that makes my fingers twitch.


I know if I get to a certain point in my creative process I’ll be okay, but procrastination is my worst enemy and I let those daunting doubts fester. So, lately I’ve developed a little counter attack if you will – a self promotion in my head…“Sandy, just be a snowflake”.  When I look outside I see snow. Snow is made up of millions of snowflakes which, from my window, all look the same. But, as we all know, under a microscope they are each as individual as a fingerprint. So, even though there are thousands of quilters, and felters, and knitters, and artists (etc.) – many of whom are way more amazing and doing way more amazing work than I – we all have to start somewhere right? We are all different and bring our own unique perspective that shapes our art in our own unique way. No piece I create is ever going to be like anyone else’s piece. Every piece I create is a gift to me and to the world.

I’m a snowflake. I even made some paper snowflakes to hang in my studio to remind me.

“There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”

– Martha Graham –

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