Some days are just not meant to get anything done – at least not what you’d planned. I sat down yesterday morning and created a list of tasks I needed to do by the end of the day (from just sending an email to tasks more involved)….I accomplished HALF of them..and I assure you it was a reasonable list!!  Without a lot of details the morning and the afternoon each got completely derailed dealing with 2 unrelated technical issues that ended in multiple hours in technical support.  What do you do with a day like that??? You make the most of it by ending the day doing something more pleasing to the soul!  A couple of things came to mind like sitting with a glass of wine, a piece of dark chocolate, and a good book; or, going down to my sewing room….  Luckily for me it was ‘date night’ at our house which means intentional time together – so dinner conversation and a movie made my day.

When I got home I made the decision on my next wall project: “Funicular.”  Almost 8 years ago my husband and I went to Barcelona and took a funicular up the mountain to a park that had a fantastic view of the city. (For some reason it took me by surprise just how big Barcelona is.) You can see from my picture the funicular itself was special – painted with brilliant swirls of cobalt blue and chartreuse next to stairs painted bright red and purple. As soon as I saw it I wanted to make a wall hanging of it.  So here I am 8 years later completing that promise to myself.


This will be a particular challenge as I’m designing this from the bottom up: design concept, pattern, pattern pieces, and construction.  I’m very excited and a little nervous – this is a real moment of breaking trail for me (see former blog post Breaking Trail)!

I’ll be posting the steps, progress, challenges and tips in my Projects page and most likely some blogs too. I hope you will follow along with me – it should be fun!

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