Does your work love you?

I’m reading a great book called “Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert. She writes about inspiration, empowerment,  attitudes, habits, ways you approach your work,  etc.   She talks about the Fear you need and the Fear you don’t need and allowing yourself to embrace a creative life. It is not about quitting your day job; it is about creating a place in your life for that thing that makes your soul sing.

I read a section yesterday that asks, “Does It Love You?”  If you are passionate about something you must obviously love what you do. But do you know if it loves you back? Do you think about this?  Do you consider that you have a ‘relationship’ with your passion – one with give and take? The idea is that without that you are missing out on the benefit of that relationship; the potential to be a co-creator.  I talk to my plants lovingly because I believe they benefit from the good vibes and I get their beauty and growth back. When I practice the piano I get beautiful music back.

So how do I think this applies to my sewing? I give of my ideas, my certain level of talent and work and I get back a gift of physical beauty and joy in the creation. And it is a gift I get back. When I’ve had a lousy day, I can go down and work for even just 15 minutes and it will soothe me. Are there moments of doubt and discomfort? YES, but no relationship is without these. As the chapter says: “Don’t be afraid of reaching for your creative edge”.  My creative edge will be different from yours but with the discomfort it brings excitement and a certain breathlessness. If I consciously consider this ‘relationship’ I open up myself to the idea that my work will ‘speak back to me’.  I know when I have ‘entered my zone’, I am in the moment, and I love what’s happening, I do not want to stop. My work and I are ‘talking to each other’.

When I leave it for a day or two and come back to it I am letting it speak back…do I like what I see?

When I am nearing the completion I ask it “Are you done?”.  And I wait for the answer!

Crazy? Maybe. But it works for me. Do you have a relationship with your passion?

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