fiber art

Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder

We all know the saying: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. I’m sure you heard it while growing up.  It is meant to remind us that each person has their own tastes and what one person considers beautiful may not be to another.

This difference in attraction also applies to everything around us: art, buildings, flowers, animals, trees as well as to everyday objects. (“Ones mans junk is another mans treasure”?) I am always thankful to be around that person who points out the handsomeness in something that I’ve never noticed before. It changes my perspective on that object forever.  I’ll never forget when I first met my husband how he exclaimed over the beauty and color of the different grasses on the side of the highway or in the median.  I’d noticed grasses before but never gave myself the luxury of noticing the purples and reds and greens swaying along the road.  Now, grasses are something I always take note of and particularly enjoy watching as they change through the seasons. He is always opening my eyes in new ways!

Can I show you the beauty in old cement, brick or peeling walls? Look at the walls below….are they not beautiful? All of these make me itch to capture their organic nature with linens, burlap, cottons, velvet……

Organic Cement
The grey, brown, and greens in this first wall are not painted but a product of discoloration and weathering over the years… I like the subtle colors, movement, and organic nature of the shapes. It is the outside wall of a green house room in a medical facility.
Industrial Wall
This wall is in an artist studio community of a converted old mill.  It is painted and I’m not convinced it is totally a natural weathering but the yellow, rust, and gray against the green window is eye catching, industrial and will be an ongoing work of art as it is exposed to nature. LOVE this.
Exposed Brick
This brick wall is the exterior of a hotel in Hudson NY. Based on the renovations of the old building into a gorgeous boutique hotel, this too could be manmade, but again it will continue to grow and beautify over time. I love the different levels of exposure in the brick and plaster.
Orange Paint
Who could not love this peeling paint? I found this either on Pinterest or in a magazine and took a pic of the pic. It is exciting, and totally captivating.
Black & White
Finally, this is a farm in my town. Classic, vivid black & white peeling away to reveal grey. Nature has not been kind to this sign ….. it looks a little sad but I can tell you the farm and site is vibrant which makes the sign all the more stunning in its contrast.

“Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder” also means that some people may see beyond the surface to the real beauty within our hearts. This of course is the best kind of beauty – that which holds kindness, empathy and goodness. Would that we all have someone still appreciating the weathered beauty of our skin and our souls as we age….

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