Tomorrow is a New Day

Okay…its been over 3 weeks since my last blog and its driving me a little nuts.  I have been having a temporary writers BLOCK!!  Honestly, I’ve started a blog 4 times and erased; started, erased…..the words are just not flowing. I know there is some analogy I should be able to apply to this situation but it isn’t coming.  So, rather than keep erasing and being silent, I’m putting it out there.

I can’t point to any reason this has occurred…could be the cold Spring we are having; could be the difficult part of the shirt I am making; it could be some other personal dramas that I’ll keep personal!  But it is happening and I’m happy to have it end any day now.  Does this ever happen to you? What’s your solution??

I’m thinking back to when I read “Artists Way” by Julia Cameron over 7 years ago. The entire book is a step by step program to getting artists of any kind out of a slump; and helping a person like me recognizing the validity of their passion. It makes you probe, write, pull out memories, write, do lots of exercises, write, purge, write, clean, write. Morning Pages!!!! ACTION.

And, as I’m writing this I think it will help.  It’s possible that just putting my problem down on ‘paper’ so to speak and acknowledging a mental block to you will be just the ticket to get my juices flowing again!!

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