am…pm oasis

It’s been a busy month and a half but not in my sewing room or on my PC! There is much to do outside that requires attention now: cleaning and raking the yard & gardens, putting in seeds, buying plants, planting the garden, doing the patio pots, moving my herb garden…..I made it to the end of the day pretty bushed. But now I’m excited to get creating/writing again!!!

I did do one project last month…..a little back story here: for various reasons I’ve recently quit drinking coffee. I chose Spring to accomplish this so the work above would keep my mind from the absence of this lovely drink in the a.m. (and beyond).  I’ve not cut out caffeine totally but rather switched to caffeinated tea in the morning and then caffein-free or decaf tea in the afternoon.

It is great discovering all the lovely tea flavors out there BUT have you noticed how tea cools down in the pot???? (quick yearning glance to my coffee maker here…). I like my a.m. tea HOT. What to do? This is not a problem I needed to search for long to find a fix….our grandmothers figured it out long ago…make a tea cozy!!  So, that’s what I did:

I love the colors and was able to use some of my little scrap fabric pieces.This is my design but if you are not inclined, do a Google or Pinterest for ‘DIY Tea Cozy’ and you will find lots of patterns, designs and inspiration!

I also dug through my former office boxes and pulled out my ‘tea tray’ I’d made out of an unused letter tray with my quilted, reversal liner and have now a lovely Tea Oasis. It comforts me, inspires me, cheers me! 


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