Dandelions, Fireflies and Wildflowers

I’m just finishing an amazing day…it was delightfully warm with a perfect breeze that carried into the evening chasing the mosquitoes away.

One of my favorite books is called “How to be a Wildflower, a field guide” by Katie Daisy. It is filled with her beautiful art, favorite quotes and simple ways to find the magic of the world again. Here are some of the pages (I ‘ve inserted a link to her website at the bottom of this blog):

Today was my day exploring the magic and wonder of nature again.

It was a day for taking in the beauty of a field, picking dandelions, blowing wishes, and drinking in the bold colors of new wildflowers and nearby gardens.

An evening to enjoy the wonders of a late walk in a night filled with the magic of twinkling fireflies.

It was a day to be inspired, lifted and refreshed…a day to be a wildflower! Pick a day soon to be your day….

Katie Daisy’s website is a dreamscape: full of color, imagination and delight. I invite you to drink it in:


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