Creative Incubation

We are rolling into the days of summer fun! Having survived our first east coast heat wave of the season last week I’m thrilled to end the day still energized and not drained.

Summer means taking advantage of outdoor concerts – one our favorite activities. To me it is an immersion of musical artistry combined with a chance to dabble with a small personal artistic endeavor. Last weekend we enjoyed two outstanding shows on the Tanglewood lawn and I was totally unprepared. Tomorrow, the Hartford Monday night jazz concerts will start and I am ready!!

This will be the perfect time to experiment and get back to some slow-stitching and organic exploration. It requires only partial attention and encourages musical meditation. You are looking at the conception 20180709_155217of a fabric necklace inspired by an oriental print linen in black, white and gray; beautiful red and turqoise beads and an old shoe embellishment. It is still forming in my head. Just as an egg must incubate, so must a project…it will grow each week…..I’m going to call it Creative Incubation….

Stay tuned……

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