Celestial Spring

Spring is all about new beginnings. There are signs everywhere from the buds on the trees, the shoots in the gardens, the early daffodils and crocus to the freshness in the warmer breezes washed out by the spring rains. Birds are back, chirping and singing. But there is also life being created everyday beyond our vision in the skies and universe around us.

I told you in my previous post Bunny Beauties that I’ve created table runners for my Easter table. This is one I created in celebration of new beginnings – life in its beginning form – nature in the cosmos.

This runner measures 85″x15″ (big enough for a table of 12) with the celestial bodies raw edge appliqued. The piece is heavily quilted which makes the all-beige reverse side just as beautiful and useable.

The six large planets are 10.25″ in diameter and made from cabbage fabric to celebrate the garden. The embroidery is glossy thread which outlines and highlights the cabbage leaves.

The five medium beige planets are 8″ diameter and celebrate the earth and soil; while the six 5″ small blue planets celebrate the blue sky and fresh breezes of late spring. These are all stippled with the blue having a smaller stippling space. The beige is matt thread while the blue is a varigated glossy thread.

The twenty-six moons are 2″ in diameter made from a gorgeous rose and brown batik fabric. These celebrate the celestial skies. I chose to keep the stitching simpler with a rambling stitch in a matt lavendar thread around the fabric patterns.

Finally, as visible in the moon picture above the cream background is heavily quilted in a cream matt with free motion lines that periodically open up to reveal bubbles. These represent the flow and ebb of wind or water.

This piece always makes me smile when I bring it out after a cold winter!

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