Where is the blouse?

In my last blog two weeks ago (!) I mentioned a great blouse for weddings. Where is the blouse you say? Good question. I’m working on it! I’ve been busy weeding , planting, spring cleaning and getting too tired for sewing with a clear head. But here is a peek:

Rather average but I like the lines and its simplicity gives it great potential for personalizing and adding your flair.

I took some time to brainstorm what I wanted to do to add my touch. I highly recommend this process and it is an easy step you can do too: First, make a trace of the specific view on the pattern envelope (I emptied the pattern envelope and then held it up to my front window to trace) Tracing it removes the shading that would be picked up if you just made a direct copy of the envelope.

Make an enlarged photocopy of your traced view. And then make multiple copies of your enlargement. Now you can start brainstorming: using a set of colored pencils and a regular pencil draw in different possible alterations you can add to the garment. Use the colored pencils to make a representation of the fabric you would use. Make notations. Explore various options. I’ve added pictures below of all the options I explored for a blouse of a beautiful floral and a spring green mini check:

Option #1: lengthening the sleeves to a 3/4 sleeve, adding a ruffle at the bottom of the sleeve finished with a contrasting binding; and adding a 1-1/2 inch wide simple rounded collar.
Option #2: extend the sleeve to 3/4 but add a contrasting band at the bottom instead of the ruffle in option #1. Make the collar but with a pointed split right in the middle front.
Option #3: keep the sleeves short but add a floral binding; add a pretty scalloped collar or make it a scalloped insert.
Option #4: keep the entire blouse in floral and add a green checked scarf or tie that is pulled through buttons holes at the neckline.

Though I love the band of color on the sleeve in option #2 I really like the idea of a rounded collar and the sleeve ruffles carried over from last years trends. So option #1 is my choice.

I’ve made the bodice and cut the sleeves but I’m currently working on the collar which has required a little research to learn how to make the pattern and have it lay flat. I’m determined to finish by the end of the weekend and will show you the detailed steps early next week!.

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