Sleeve A or Sleeve B?

Have you ever thought you finished all or part of a project but then can’t decide if it is really done…or if you should just add one more touch? After adding the collar to my floral and checked blouse the final step to my personalization was the sleeves. As my drawing reflected in the beginning of this process (see two posts ago). I am extending the sleeves to a 3/4 length and adding a ruffle with an accent binding.

Pretty straightforward right? Except that I couldn’t decide if I wanted to add a little more to the sleeve. SO, I decided to put the question on Instagram! Specifically: do you like Sleeve (A) with no additional changes; or Sleeve (B) with a pop of blue from a stripe of blue grosgrain ribbon added under the piping.

I loved the responses! I was so interested in the replies….I’d read a response, “oh I like the way this person dresses, and she picked A. But then this person (whom I also love how she dresses) likes B. Oh, she is really artistic, and she likes A…..and look, she is so talented and likes B!”

It was almost a 50/50 tie, but sleeve (A) (no change) inched ahead. I still liked the pop of blue (B) as it really brought out the blue in the fabric. AND I think the blue buttons on the collar need a balance. However, I realized that the stripe does not match the personality or style of the blouse.

I did the only option….I decided on a compromise. Call it option (C): I added a sweet single loop of blue ribbon and button. I think it us just enough blue and it perfectly matches the romantic nature of the blouse.

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