Bucket List Item

Do you have a bucket list?? I’m guessing we all have one of sorts. A bucket item can be a dream for a once in a lifetime adventure, or just a plain old dream of a vacation! Maybe a learning experience or educational challenge that you simply have no time for. My list has such things as sleeping in a fire tower, going to Scotland and Argentina, taking a bike trip with my hubby, and working behind the scenes to learn how a big quilt show is created.

Guess what I did this week?? I took the first step to that last item I mentioned…..I shadowed a person at the Vermont Quilt Festival (VQF)! I am thrilled to say I have been accepted onto the Board of Directors for the VQF starting September !! I’ve spent 4 days here and am SOOOO impressed by the amount of hard work and looooooonnnngggg hours these people put in so us attendees have a great experience. I’m excited to be on board (no pun intended!)!!!

1 thought on “Bucket List Item”

  1. Congratulations.

    In Finland we love quilts and patchworks. My wife has been a quilter also, but now she occasionally quilts. I have made huge amount of quilt posts.

    Have a wonderful day!


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