Red, white, blue….and yellow

Happy 4th of July weekend to my fellow Americans (of ALL backgrounds and nationalities)!!! We are celebrating with a little nostalgia in red, white, blue….and yellow!! What says the 4th and summer better than cookin’ on the grill??? These potholders add a bit of spirit to your weekend and are so easy to make!

Encase a favorite fabric pic in some strips of fabric or just start with a whole piece and cut a square to the size you like. These are 8-1/2″ × 8-1/2″. Do the same for the backing fabric and some batting. Add trim, and then quilt. I chose a classic grid pattern. Then encase in a bold coordinating binding. Voila!! Each one takes about an hour or so.

These are made with a thin insulated batting (availble in your large fabric stores) that makes them light and airy for your machine but keeps the heat of up to approx. 425 degrees with having to double up.

Don’t you love the polka dots and rick rac?? Have a great weekend!!

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