Creative Incubation: GROWING

This is an end of August update to the blog I posted in July and am happy to finally show  that which started with a pile of fabric and beads is growing into a shape! I was delayed when my sewing/quilting needles would not go through the seed beads and I had to purchase beading… Continue reading Creative Incubation: GROWING


Creative Incubation

We are rolling into the days of summer fun! Having survived our first east coast heat wave of the season last week I'm thrilled to end the day still energized and not drained. Summer means taking advantage of outdoor concerts - one our favorite activities. To me it is an immersion of musical artistry combined… Continue reading Creative Incubation


Dandelions, Fireflies and Wildflowers

I’m just finishing an amazing day…it was delightfully warm with a perfect breeze that carried into the evening chasing the mosquitoes away. One of my favorite books is called “How to be a Wildflower, a field guide” by Katie Daisy. It is filled with her beautiful art, favorite quotes and simple ways to find the… Continue reading Dandelions, Fireflies and Wildflowers


Make It Your Own

I've just finished a colorful new blouse!! When I make clothes for myself I like to start with a pattern and then add touches to make it my own (*see bottom). Many years ago I got hooked on the Vogue Individualist patterns - I like their flair and they do require some skill.  In this case… Continue reading Make It Your Own

fiber art

Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder

We all know the saying: "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". I'm sure you heard it while growing up.  It is meant to remind us that each person has their own tastes and what one person considers beautiful may not be to another. This difference in attraction also applies to everything around us:… Continue reading Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder


Does your work love you?

I'm reading a great book called "Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear" by Elizabeth Gilbert. She writes about inspiration, empowerment,  attitudes, habits, ways you approach your work,  etc.   She talks about the Fear you need and the Fear you don't need and allowing yourself to embrace a creative life. It is not about… Continue reading Does your work love you?