Red, white, blue….and yellow

Happy 4th of July weekend to my fellow Americans (of ALL backgrounds and nationalities)!!! We are celebrating with a little nostalgia in red, white, blue....and yellow!! What says the 4th and summer better than cookin' on the grill??? These potholders add a bit of spirit to your weekend and are so easy to make! Encase… Continue reading Red, white, blue….and yellow


Spring into Sewing: Adding a Collar

Let's continue my theme for May (now into June) - personalizing your spring sewing. This week I'm still working on the blouse made from one of the beautiful florals in my stash paired with a fresh spring-green gingham. I'm sorry to say we had a death in the family which took precedence over all else.… Continue reading Spring into Sewing: Adding a Collar


Celestial Spring

Spring is all about new beginnings. There are signs everywhere from the buds on the trees, the shoots in the gardens, the early daffodils and crocus to the freshness in the warmer breezes washed out by the spring rains. Birds are back, chirping and singing. But there is also life being created everyday beyond our… Continue reading Celestial Spring