Dream Scapes 2013

These little ‘scapes started with an idea that popped into my day dream after I bought the face stamp. Something about this stamp imprinted on my brain as a conduit for dreams. How many types of dreams do we have?  I know I definitely day dream; I have twilight dreams when I fall asleep on the couch; I can have sweet dreams in my sleep; and there is the chance of broken dreams.


So, I decided to reflect each dream using one technique of stripped curves with simple machine free motion quilting and then hand embellishments.  The dream’s names are hand stamped using individual letter stamps. After multiple draft drawings in my inspiration book I decided I wanted to mount the ‘scapes like wall art. My husband helped me build the frames, then he stretched the canvas and painted the gesso to create a beautifully stiff mounting surface. Each ‘scape is framed in a design enhancing the type of dream and march down our hallway wall.

What I love is that the girl in the stamp face looks at you head on but also seems to look at you sideways….Here are the 4 dream scapes:

Twilight Dreams:

This was my first and evokes the lovely colors of twilight in the deep purples, teals, with the dark pink and orange of sunsets.  The stamped face is meant to invoke the moon; as is the moon painted on the mounting. Look carefully at the picture below…do you see the face on the netting? This piece is machine stitch, beads and buttons.




Day Dreaming:

A natural progression seemed to be day dreams.  These are wishful lively dreams invoking journeys, beautiful places, creativity and lovely tropical or mountain top breezes on a summer day. This has machine stitching, beadwork, buttons and lots of hand embroidery. I also added a beautiful green vintage belt buckle and some metal body part charms!



Sweet Dreams:

Of course we all wish our loved ones sweet dreams at night. In my mind this had to be pink and white! I love the iridescence and sweetness of the pearl beads and the wings. The mounting had to be stars! This piece has machine stitching and lots of pretty pearly beads in different shades of pink.  The flowers are multiple layers of painted fabric and pink tulle; while the silvery flowers are actually a beautiful vintage bead trim gathered into a flower shape.



Broken Dreams:

Finally, I had to acknowledge that not all dreams come true and we all can suffer from a broken dream or two. So, black, grey, red and yellow portray the sad, tragic and strong emotions that can be invoked by a broken dream.  Note the face in the red broken pieces and the safety pins attempting to hold our dream together but to no avail. This is machine stitching, lots of beadwork and hand embroidery.