Thread Sketched Birthday Pillows 2014-15

I decided in 2015 that I would make each of my ‘in-law’ siblings a quilted and thread sketched pillow for their birthday.  Each would be a subject personal to them and would be created using either raw edge appliqué or satin stitched appliqué enhanced with detailed thread sketching. For each I started with a picture – the hoop house was my own picture of my brother-in-laws yard; the trout was from a Northern Woodlands magazine and the poppy and garlic were images I found on the internet.  Since these were gifts and not in any way used for re-sale or re-used on my personal designs I utilized 2 watercolors from other artists since I knew I could not create a drawing with the shading and details I needed. There are 4 birthday pillows – a page for each.

I actually did a talk on my process and have included a tutorial page and a general supplies and tips page up in the menu under “Tutorials”!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me (see Contact page) with any additional questions or comments on the tutorial or the pillows.