Thread Sketching: General Tips & Supplies

For Pillow:

  • Pillow Front Fabric AND a light muslin fabric for stabilizer
  • Multiple fabrics for creating the image (more on this below)
  • Glossy and non-glossy threads to match and to compliment/contrast your fabric
  • Bobbins filled with similar weight and colors of top threads
  • Featherweight 2-sided fusing

For Creating:

  • Glass head straight pins
  • Ironing pad ow working surface with ability to iron while working
  • Iron
  • Pencil
  • Scissors (can be paper scissors if use fusible with paper backing)

For Sewing:

  • Quilting Gloves with sticky fingers
  • Darning or Free Motion Foot on sewing machine
  • NEW Sewing Machine needles(s) – I use size 90 or 80

Some important tips for appliqué design and thread sketching:

  • Choose fabrics with movement. It creates dimension in the piece and prevents your hard work from looking flat. No solids! Solid reads ‘flat’.
  • You can have different fabrics for the same color to add texture.
  • Look in your stash!!! You may not need large pieces. Don’t show small pieces away!
  • More fabric pieces can create more texture and detail but here again is a place to practice the cultivation of ‘just enough’. You will be adding thread for dimension too!
  • Walk away! Put it down and give yourself an overnight every once in a while to look at your work with a fresh perspective.
  • Work with sharp needles only and be prepared to change them during your project! I have several packets of needles on hand at all times. If your threads are suddenly bunching up underneath or you notice that your machine and needle is getting noisier to go through the fabric change your needle!!
  • Try to work with the same weight thread in the needle and the bobbin. This creates more stability.