It starts with a stitch

Welcome to Made with Stitches!!

For me, it all starts with a stitch! And I love so many different stitches…quilting, sewing, embroidery, knitting and even felting. I can’t focus on just one but have an eclectic nature that revels in a mix. I do have a particular love of quilting, thread painting and embroidery. And I love textiles. There is a wonderful luxury in seeing and feeling a beautifully woven shawl; masterly knitted sweater; daintily embroidered hankie or a  vivid vintage tablecloth.

This site will be an organic exploration of fiber and mixed media arts….an eclectic dive into creativity…an inspiration….a sharing of discovery….and a space to grow.  It will be my attempt to inspire you through my projects (with just enough detail) with a look into my process, thoughts, and introspections; but also a sharing of beautiful work that inspires me.

Thanks for joining me! Check out my projects for inspiration and please continue to follow!!

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