Rainy Day Blossoms

It has been raining cats and dogs all day!!   It is that time of year where we are given a glimpse of Spring: warm days that dry your clothes on the line within 2 hours; the planting of peas, kale and other cold weather vegetables.  Then we see-saw back to nights near freezing. The house stays cooler while the outside starts to warm. Colds and sniffles abound.

These rainy, chilly, grey days are the times I yearn for flowers. I love winter with the snow and all it brings but now I’m ready for the delightful days of Spring before the heat of the summer. It is the time to bring out the rainy day blossoms. What does this spark in you? To some it means buying a bouquet and setting it in a lovely vintage vase on the kitchen table. To others it means perusing the seed and garden catalogs as a balm against the howling winds and rain still pelting the ground.  And still others may stop in at the garden shop to walk through their green houses.

I love to peruse my cache of floral fabrics!

What better way to spend an hour in front of the window looking at the rain feeding the earth while feeding my soul with rich colors and patterns??  That’s what I did yesterday! I brought my faves upstairs, made a cup of tea and started by piling the fabrics together in a feast for the eyes:20180425_140302

Then I picked each up and soaked in its individual unique beauty while sipping a deliciously spicy chai tea. My fingers traced each flower and leaf while visions of projects floated in the air. Time stood still, my soul was nourished…..


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