Step 1: Funicular Design

I’ve been working my way through the design of the Funicular wallhanging. I drew several color concepts in my Inspiration Book exploring how to portray the striking swirls of chartreuse and electric blue against the red and purple stairs.  It needs lots of movement and yet a linear element as well. I drew 4 options: V1 – V4 below. Which do you like??

I chose V4 with the swirls that start big at the bottom and get smaller as the eye travels up – like the perspective of looking down a train on the track. I also like the floating stairs as the straight stairs feel too literal.  Notice there aren’t any real swirls but rather simple swoops that give the illusion of swirls by placing the swoops at different angles to each other.

Having decided on the design idea I drew the hanging to scale on graph paper:


This provides the dimensions of each square: 8″ x 8″at bottom working to 2″ x 2″ squares at the top. The full dimensions total 36″ H x  24″ W.

Next step is to create the patterns for each of the squares……

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